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Eye Donation Camp

Within it is the power to create,nurture and transform.

Improving our tasks every year, this year, NSS BITS Pilani has taken another initiative -Eye Donation Camp. Held during OASIS'18 - the cultural fest of BITS Pilani this camp aims at filling everybody’s dream with vivid colours.

About 87 million people around the globe are blind. Even more gloomy is the fact, that 15 million of them hail from India. A large number of sufferers are deprived of this colourful world and live in a monotonous dark world. Eye donation is the need of the hour, given the problems faced by our society. The good news is that most people are potential eye donors. Many patients are also capable of being donors. The expenses are not borne by the donor.

Our aim at Eye Donation Camp to carry out this change by registering those who are capable enough to make this priceless donation, immortalizing a vision. Eye donation is one of the greatest gifts, earning true respect, at the cost of something absolutely not important to one after death, that too without any dismembering of the body.

Our partner for this noble task is Eye Bank Of India (EBAI). EBAI is an organization working for the blind. It spreads awareness and helps in eye donation surgeries. It has a large presence all across India. It partners with various eye banks and ophthalmologists to succeed in their tasks.