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English and Personality Development

Making English and Personality Wholesome again

English and Personality Development Department of NSS BITS Pilani aims to bring out a positive and confident personality out of its students while sowing the seeds of virtues which will eventually help them live a happy and successful life. This upcoming semester, we are taking forward our existing initiatives and have taken up some fresh initiatives. In personality development, we would be keeping discussions on themes like time management, leadership, confidence.

  • English and Personality Development Classes at NSS School – EPD classes for school students focus on creativity and values and overall personality development of school students of age group 13 to 16-year-olds along with developing their proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • College Chapter- College Chapter focuses on developing proficiency of college students in the English language and helping them with building confidence in the speaking part. The course plan is specifically designed to help the students with employment prospects. We focus on Mock interviews and enhance qualities as to why should one we hire a person, Newspaper reading, career counseling, tell how to find jobs and internships, writing emails and job applications to apply.
  • English and Personality Development Workshop at Pilani Government School- It is a fresh initiative taken up by EPD department in collaboration with Umang department. In this program, EPD volunteers take a series of interactive sessions which help us connect with the students and build a stronger student-teacher relation. In these series of workshop, our focus is on boosting the confidence of students and developing their thought process by introducing them to new ideas and having them discuss those ideas. The workshop gives students an insight into the English language.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned programs, EPD department is also planning to do some research on the possibilities of conducting workshops for the illiterate and non-school going population of Pilani and nearby areas.