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Health and Public Awareness

Spreading Awareness in Society

Health and Public Awareness is the department which is meant for spreading awareness among people about various social problems and also to provide them with potential solutions to these problems. Also, it aims to aware villagers from different villages about alternate ways to enhance their life through the proper use of technology and intellect. We try to act as the bridge between Indian government and villagers so as to bring different government policies of mass welfare within the reach of common people.

  • The main villages where Health and Public Awareness team focuses are Rayla, Garinda, Jherli, Harinagar, Pilani rural. Apart from these villages, Health and Public Awareness team also work in a few other villages on an occasional basis.
  • Less availability of potable water in Rajasthan is one of the major problems of villages and thus, Health and Public Awareness has worked on a few projects like water management, rainwater harvesting, and water filtration.
  • Also, it works for improving educational facilities in Rayla school, smooth functioning of sanctioned medical vans,
  • Health and Public Awareness team has also set up a Vocational Training Center (VTC) Project in Garinda, promoting skill development in women.
  • It is also focusing on waste management in Jherli, awareness about the implementation of organic farming as a sustainable way of farming, resolving the electricity problem in Rayla.
  • Other works of Health and Public Awareness include setting up various health-related camps and organizing various medicine collection and awareness drive in and around BITS Pilani campus.