Project Parishodh

Using Technology to find Solutions to Grassroot Problems

Parishodh aims to identify Social, Environmental and other problems as well as the needs of marginalized poor. design and innovate practical and affordable solutions to these problems using science and technology. Also,parishodh acts as an incubating agency that strives for the implementation of developed solutions through the Government, NGOs and Social Enterprises.

  • We at parishodh identifiy and define problem statements by interaction with Govt., organizations and communities. Surveying the villages, going on village visits to talk to the villagers is an important aspect of this process.
  • A proper report of the extracted data is prepared and out of discussion on various identified issues the major ones are taken into consideration and innovative solution are developed to tackle these.
  • Also using our online portal we try to connect the social entrepreneurial minds to various NGO’s and social enterprises as well as seek help whenever required.