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Lend Your Voice

Within it is the power to create,nurture and transform.

Lend your voice is an initiative by NSS, BITS Pilani. It works jointly with "Project Awaaz". Our aim is to create a huge repository of audio books for assistance to the blind section of our society.

Its presence is both offline as well as online.

For the offline part, we set up booths at Oasis- the cultural fest of BITS Pilani. The booths are equipped with recording software and the content needed to be uploaded. For the online part, website and app permit good Samaritans to record and upload the content.

Our prime focus area is the offline sector. The recorded audio undergoes suitable refurbishments, ready to be dispatched to number of blind schools.

We aspire to use the power of crowed-sourcing extend support to strengthen ‘accessible content’, infrastructure and the right technology so that more and more visually impaired students are able to fulfil their dreams. Lend Your Voice is all about our voices becoming their world. More thanjust the visually impaired, this campaign holds the potential to benefit every print-disabled person out there. This initiative is a step towards gifting stories to the less gifted ones. So, lend your voice and sing the hymn of change!