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Shop For A Smile

Within it is the power to create,nurture and transform.

Each year a Stall is set up during BITS Pilani’s cultural festival, Oasis. The stall aims to promote various NGOs that work tirelessly for social welfare. At our stall, a variety of products made by rural women and the specially abled, procured by the NGOs are kept on sale. The products include notebooks, diaries, candles, hand bags, t-shirts, and laptop bags to name a few. We acknowledge the fact that the only disability one can have is a limited mindset.

By selling products acquired from different NGOs across India, we strive to prove that every little soul out there can act as an inspiration to millions. Through their undying spirit and never say die attitude, they have inspired us and we humbly hope to spread this joy. NSS salutes the various NGOs who work selflessly in this regard.
Shop For A Smile stall 2014 exhibited products of 15 NGOs like Amla Birla Kendra, Women Synergy, WWF, MESH, etc from Delhi, Jaipur and Pilani. In 2013 the Shop For A Smile stall has collaborated with MARD along with various NGOs to promote its theme "Women Empowerment". MARD has been working in India to create awareness amongst men about gender equality and instill a feeling of respect towards women. Its primary aim is to change the mindset of men and thereby herald a new era in society.