Project Parishodh

Using Technology to find Solutions to Grassroot Problems

To drive a socio-economic change towards sustainable development using Science and Technology as an enabling tool.

  • To Identify Social, Environmental problems and the needs of marginalized poor. And, design and innovate practical and affordable solutions to these problems using science and technology.
  • To act as a platform that brings together technical expertise, grass-root experiences and young talent and resources at the universities to find solutions to social and environmental problems.
  • To support students with ideas for innovation for social and environmental problems by providing mentorship and actively getting involved in the process of innovation.
  • To act as an incubating agency that strives for the implementation of developed solutions through the Government, NGOs and Social Enterprises.
  • To help and provide relief to the marginalised poor, farmers, labourers and women who are involved in manual and exhaustive work
  • To create new ways and opportunities of environmentally sustainable livelihood for the poor.
  • To improve the quality of living of the underprivileged and enable access to facilities like education, health care, electricity, banking etc.
  • To develop alternatives that makes human activities, use of resources and lifestyle environmentally more sustainable.
Ongoing Projects:
  • Under Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojna (SAGY), Parishodh is targeting to convert one of its villages into an ideal village under the guidance of a Member Of Parliament (MP). It is trying to provide a support to the government in conducting the baseline surveys and in careful assessment of the collected information.
  • Paper bag making machine – We are designing a model of a paper bag making machine. The goal of this project is to decrease the production and use of plastic bags and to shift to eco-friendly paper bags to solve major environmental issues.
  • Scheme portal – We are trying to develop an online portal which will consist of the details of all the major schemes and policies released by the government so as to create awareness in our population about these programs.