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Project Umang

Integrating Career and Academic Advising

The young minds of BITS Pilani believe in shaping and nurturing more young minds by mentoring students throughout the year. A family of dedicated volunteers with an aim to spread smiles and cheers around, we are Umang. We look forward to making a change, however small and insignificant it may be.

  • Scholarship program is one of the core projects of Umang. Scholarships are provided to poor students with good academics to sustain their education. Home and school visits are done to ensure the deservedness of the candidate by evaluating his/her academic and financial condition. The scholarship amount is decided using a unique scholarship formula that weighs both academics and financial status of the student.
  • Umang collection is a crowd funding campaign, where funds are raised from the student of BITS Pilani and around, which is then used for providing scholarships to students.
  • Counseling sessions are conducted throughout the year on different topics that the students may find useful, ranging from motivation session to career counseling etc.
  • Specific Mentorship Program is a unique initiative where students are assigned volunteers who take care of their academic and personal issues, by being a constant guidance to students and building a bond with them.
  • Academic cell aims to teach and give academic support to students who require special attention.
  • GSP’s (Government School Project) origin is attributed to the lack of cheap/free basic primary education in Pilani. GSP aims at uplifting the conditions of government schools in and around Pilani in terms of infrastructure, academic planning, and execution.
  • Project Pragya aims to make education accessible to all. Under Pragya, bastis (slums) and government schools near Pilani are identified. The students from these bastis are then admitted to gov. schools after convincing their parents and handling the formal procedures of admission.